Coronavirus: Riskiest countries in the world during the pandemic – UK’s terrifying ranking

Coronavirus cases continue to rise across the globe as the virus wages its war with Earth. There are currently 2,415,370 cases worldwide at the time of writing, and tragically 165,903 death. However, some countries are coping with coronavirus worse than others, making the risk level for people in those countries much higher.


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Deep Knowledge Group (DKG) is a Hong Kong venture capital group specialising in medicines, which analysed data regarding the risk level in nations across the globe.

The data was taken from a number of publicly-available sources including the World Health Organisation, Johns Hopkins University, CDC, Worldometers and others, as well as consultations with specific experts.

Consequently, DKG have identified the countries with the highest risk level during the coronavirus pandemic.

The “COVID-19 Risk Ranking Framework” ranks countries according to their broader levels of risk.

This is done not just in suffering negative health outcomes during the coronavirus pandemic (high rates of infection spread, high mortality rates, etc.), but also in terms of possible negative societal, economic and geopolitical outcomes that could result as well.

DKG examined infection spread risk, government management, healthcare efficiency and regional specific risks.

So which countries were revealed to be the top 10 riskiest countries right now?

In first place as the nation with the highest risk level was Italy.

Italy currently has 178,972 cases of coronavirus  – the third-worst affected country in the world.

However, it has had the most deaths – 23,660 in total, at the time of writing.

In second place was the USA. America is the worst-affected country in the world right now by a long way.

The States have a whopping 759,786 confirmed cases of coronavirus.


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Perhaps more alarming, however, is the country that comes in third place in DKG’s risk rankings – the UK.

The UK is the country with the sixth most cases in the world at the moment.

The country has tragically lost 16,060 lives to the virus.

In fourth place was Spain – the European country with the highest number of cases right now.

France followed in fifth place on the risk ranking.

Completing the top ten countries with the highest risk level were Sweden, Iran, Ecuador, Philippines and Romania.

COVID-19 Risk Ranking

1. Italy

2. USA

3. UK

4. Spain.

5. France

6. Sweden

7. Iran

8. Ecuador

9. Philippines

10. Romania

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