Coronavirus: Where am I allowed to travel to? Live map shows restrictions

Coronavirus has forced countries across the planet to close their borders in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. Borders have been closed in a total of 48 countries, with flights to and from nations suspended in 14 more.

A new map from HERE Technologies allows you to check for live updates on a nation’s entry policy.

The UK is just one of a few countries in Europe to have no restrictions in place, with travel in and out of the country still available.

The likes of Spain, Russia, Norway and Finland have completely shut borders, while France, Portugal and Germany have strict restrictions in place.

Travelling farther south, Morocco is the only country in North Africa to have any restrictions in place, with flights completely suspended.

Kenya, Ghana, Namibia and South Africa are the only other African nations to take action on their borders.

The US has proposed a complete travel ban to and from the nation, while Canada is only allowing those needing “essential travel” to cross the North American border.

HERE Technologies said: “As COVID-19 continues to spread, travel restrictions have taken effect across the globe.

“To provide a visual representation of these restrictions, HERE Technologies has created a map highlighting the countries with restricted access, countries with flights suspended and countries with borders fully closed.

“You’ll notice that the UK has no restrictions in place, which is particularly stark when pictured on the map next to its European counterparts – all of which have travel restrictions in place.”

Around the world, total confirmed coronavirus cases have now surpassed 2.6 million – impacting every corner of the globe.

The number of dead from the disease has also exceeded 184,000.

The US now appears to be the epicentre of the disease with cases skyrocketing in recent weeks.

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More than 849,000 people have been confirmed infected in the States, more than quadruple the second-highest on the list, Spain, which has more than 208,000 confirmed cases.

Despite the US seeing the most cases and deaths, US President Donald Trump has deflected criticism by blaming the World Health Organization (WHO) for its response and has withdrawn funding for the organisation.

In the UK there are now more than 133,000 confirmed cases, resulting in more than 18,000 deaths.

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