Could Covid result in cheaper fares or free weekend flights?

Airlines have had to get creative to woo passengers back onto planes, following a period that has decimated air travel. Some airlines are offering free weekend flights and $1 seats, but New Zealand will have to wait

The pandemic has seen a huge increase for subscription services like Netflix, so why not unlimited flights? So argues China Eastern Airlines, which has introduced a “Fly at Will” ticket giving holders access to free weekend travel until the end of the year. Going on sale in July for around $700 or 3322 yuan, the airline has called it their gift the circular economy and “long-distance relationships”.

China has seen a boom in discount airfares and aggressively marketed to the masses.
China Express and Hainan Airlines’ 12 brands have also launched their own versions of “Fly at Will.”

The airlines are still hurting and these flights are being run at a loss. Yet, it’s still more cost effective than leaving fleets grounded. The aim of course to bringing passenger numbers back to pre-pandemic levels.

On other domestic air routes seats are being sold at bargain prices not seen since before the pandemic. Fares from Shanghai to the other side of the country selling for as little as $40.

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