Cruise ship to visit every single continent in epic 101-day holiday

Cruises can be a great holiday option for those who love to explore different places.

Many voyages stop off at multiple ports meaning you can experience a variety of cultures and countries all within one holiday.

What could be better? Well, apparently there is one step further you can take…

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Fred Olsen Cruises is offering Brits the chance to see the whole world on one incredible trip…

The 2024 World Cruise jets off from Southampton on January 7 next year – and it will take you on an incredible journey for a massive 101 nights.

You’ll spend three and a half months on board the gorgeous boat – that’s an enormous 14.4weeks.

It’ll all be worth it though as during your voyage you’ll visit the sun-kissed beaches of the Florida coast , spot unusual wildlife in Costa Rica and see the local cultures and volcanos in Hawaii.

You’ll also get to visit the tropical haven of French Polynesia, the vineyards and waterways of New Zealand and wonders like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The cruise is so long that there’s even more to enjoy from the rarely visited Papua New Guinea to Komodo Island where you’ll spot the World’s largest lizards.

You’ll pop by Rhodes with it’s diverse history and castles where Knights once Romes along with sunny Malta, metropolitan Dubai and the busy streets of Mumbai.

Guests will also enjoy the sands of Bora Bora, Bermuda, and Key West.

Phuket with its vibrant nightlife and the high-tech streets of Singapore are also on the cruises’ journey.

While sailing you’ll stay aboard the Borealis – there are many public areas and open spaces despite the relatively smaller size of the ship with just 702 cabins,

On board the ship, there are multiple dining venues and bars as well as lounges and threatres and of course an all-season pool!

You can enjoy five-course set meals as well as a la carte service and there’s special treats of the region dishes so you can dine like the locals.

Entertainment includes talks and dance lessons, an art studio, cooking demonstrations, cinema evenings and even a card room.

Shops on board mean you can partake of retail therapy and there’s a flower shop for those special occasions.

The cost of the extended cruise? You can bag a cabin from £13,999 per person.

It’s a hefty price but for the tour of a lifetime from one side of the world to another it might just be worth it.

Plus, breakfast, lunch and dinner every day are included alongside afternoon tea, coffee and tea each day, a late night supper club and in-room dining.

There's also a fitness centre, jacuzzis, and all talks, demonstrations, shows and other entertainment.

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