EasyJet: Five ‘clever tricks’ to get around the budget airline’s flight rules

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easyJet are currently offering flights to Europe from as little as £22.99. We all love a good bargain – especially where holiday’s are concerned – but you can get caught out by additional costs. So, make sure you know these tips to avoid getting charged extra.

EasyJet is one of the UK’s favourite budget airlines, however some travellers can get caught out by hidden costs when they travel, if they haven’t checked the small print.

So, travellers have shared their tips for getting round some of the airline’s rules.

If you’re making the most of more relaxed coronavirus restrictions for vaccinated travellers, you might be booking an autumn getaway.

You can’t afford to miss these five tips.

1 – Carrier bags from duty free don’t count as carry on

EasyJet has a strict policy on hand luggage: you only get one item, so you have to choose between a handbag, laptop bag or small suitcase.

The maximum size for your carry-on is 45 x 36 x 20 cm. If you turn up at the gate with an oversized bag (e.g. you haven’t booked for a cabin bag online) you can be charged £24.

However, easyJet allows you to bring on “one standard bag of goods bought at the airport.”

So, if you don’t have space in your carry-on for a couple of essentials, why not buy them at duty free?

Some travellers have even reported getting away with putting a few items from their hand luggage into their duty free carrier bag, though of course we can’t condone this!

2 – They only measure your bag’s size not the weight

Unlike some other airlines, easyJet measures your hand luggage by dimensions not weight.

It has to fit in their cabin bag guarantee guidelines (those metal structures you see as you’re boarding) but if you can pack a holdall very tightly, you can carry it on.

Get a lightweight bag made of fabric, and you’ll probably be able to stuff it with everything you need for a long weekend.

Just make sure the bag itself fits easyJet’s dimensions for hand luggage.

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3 – Upgrade your seat for an extra piece of luggage and more legroom for less than a tenner

If you book an extra-legroom seat, found in the first row, you can take a second bag on board, sized up to 56 x 45 x 25cm.

These seats cost between £7.99 and £39.99 extra, but when the cost of a second piece of hand luggage costs from £6.99 to £35.49, why not get the extra legroom to enjoy as well?

Make sure your bag isn’t oversized though, if you turn up at the gate and your large cabin bag is too big, you can be charged £48 to put it in the hold.

4 – Say no to the soaring cost of a sandwich on board and bring your own instead

In-flight menus can be pretty expensive: easyJet are currently charging £4.50 for a bacon roll, and £7.50 for a meal deal (sandwich, snack and drink).

Bring your own lunch or brunch from home, or from the departures lounge, just remember you can’t bring any liquid over 100 milliliters through security.

5 – Don’t say yes to add-ons like travel insurance and car hire without comparing prices first

easyJet don’t just give you offers on flights, once you’ve booked travel through easyJet they’ll offer you a bevy of add-ons.

Of course it can be convenient to book these while you’re booking your flight, so it’s all taken care of, but just because easyJet is calling these ‘deals’ it doesn’t mean they’re the cheapest available.

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