Expert’s tips for cheap family holidays – clear cookies and time when you book

Plenty of Brits are cutting back on luxuries during the cost-of-living crisis as prices go up and wages don’t rise to meet them.

One of the biggest costs facing families is the price of an annual holiday as many struggle to fit a break into their budget.

But, there are things you can do to slash the cost of a trip away – and experts are sharing their knowledge so you can get away for a few days for less.

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Holiday tip sharing company Travel Lens have worked out the five best ways to keep trips away as reasonable as possible, and it's not all about finding the best holiday deals.

Currently, the average cost for a family of four to enjoy a two-week holiday abroad can cost over £4,000 – but the good news is that there are easy ways to go lower.

And, while we all know that going away out of school holidays can be miles cheaper it’s simply not doable for families with kids in education.

Luckily, Travel Lens has discovered ways to help you save money without needing to pull the children out of school.

1. Don’t book on a weekend

The weekend often brings spare time and the chance to make plans for the months ahead, which can often lead to a holiday being booked.

If you’re wanting to save money, then opt to book a holiday on a Monday or Tuesday as demand is much lower than over a weekend, so the prices can be cheaper.

Flight prices are so reactive to demand – booking yourself a seat when others are likely to be busy can have a big impact on the final price.

2. Compare airport prices

It makes perfect sense that you’ll select departures from your nearest airport, but it’s worth comparing prices first.

Not all holidays are the same price to fly from all UK airports so carry out some research to see if you can save money by flying from an airport which isn’t as close to where you live.

Getting a train to an airport slightly further away, or begging a lift from a friend, can save you in both flight prices and airport parking fees. (Although don't forget to consider the costs for getting there).

3. Clear all cookies on your device

If you have been browsing holidays for a while, the website you have been using will more than likely use cookies, which means it will know how many times you have visited and potentially increase the costs of its holidays.

Clearing the cookies means the website will see you as a new user, which could potentially save you money.

A study carried out in 2016 performed simultaneous searches from different browsers at various different times to find out whether cookies – which are a record of what you've been searching – affected ticket prices.

Among the 372 searches, they found 42 pairs of differently priced tickets for the same flights searched at the same time.

This implies your previous searches could push plane tickets up or down, so it's worth checking on another device if you can.

4. Book your holiday in advance

Last-minute holiday deals are better suited to couples or families who have savings to spare.

Booking your holiday at least a year in advance not only means you can budget for the payments you’ll have to make each month, but you can also take advantage of seasonal deals, especially over the Christmas period and into January.

Staycation companies like Butlin's and Pontins have already launched deals from £5pp per night.

While Travelodge currently has a huge sale with one million rooms from just £34 each.

5. Don’t be fooled by UK temperatures

July and August are known for being the best months for a holiday due to high temperatures but don’t be put off going abroad later in the year.

Although October half term in the UK is cold and often wet, the same can’t be said for destinations such as Lanzarote and Tenerife, where temperatures can still reach 26°C and will be less busy compared to other months.

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