Flight attendant explains why cabin crew stare at you as you board the plane

A flight attendant has spilled the beans on the surprising reason why cabin crew often look you up and down.

And no, it’s not just to check if you have your seatbelt fastened.

Kat Kamalani, from the US, has been sharing secrets of her job on TikTok and explained what the "ABP check" is that staff carry out before takeoff.

In a clip she uploaded on the video-sharing app, Kat says: "Have you ever walked on a plane and seen the flight attendant standing right here, greeting you, or the flight attendants walking up and down the aisle?

"Well, I'm about to tell you what we're really doing."

She continues: "So when you're walking on the airplane and you see our happy, smiley face, we're actually looking you up and down, we are trying to find our ABPs – and what that is called is our able-bodied people or person."

Kat says this means people who can "help us in an emergency" and says it includes military personnel, firefighters, nurses, and doctors.

She continues: "So in case of emergency, like a medical emergency, or we are going to land the plane, or there's a security breach, we know who's on our plane and we know who can help us."

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Kat says flight attendants are also honing in on anything suspicious and possibly illegal or dangerous.

She explains: "We're looking for things that don't quite belong on the plane, like a box full of like liquid on the side."

Kat adds: "We're looking for human trafficking, it happens a lot in the industry and our passenger safety is our number one priority.

"So we're just looking for things that look off."

Kat also shares her tips and photos of her adventures around the world on her YouTube channel and Instagram account.

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