Flight attendants share their favourite type of passenger and who’s the ‘worst’

If you're wondering if flight attendants have their favourites, then wonder no more.

As some cabin crew members recently revealed that a certain type of passenger is the most popular among staff – meaning that they often get favoured on the flight.

It might make you brush up on your travel etiquette next time you fly.

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So how do you become one of the 'favourites' then?

Well, one globe trotter wanted to know how they could make the job easier for flight attendants so took to Reddit and asked: "I’m normally polite and friendly anyway, but what more can I do to make your job easier?

"What kind of passenger do you love having on your flight?

"I always read about/see d***head passengers and want to be the opposite."

It wasn't long until flight attendants rushed to the comments to expose the secrets of having a better journey for all and to avoid ruffling any feathers onboard.

And some answers were more obvious than others.

One wrote: "The one who sleeps the whole flight."

Another attendant said: "Ideal passenger is one that’s kind and courteous to his [their] fellow passengers.

"This usually translates to them being nice to us but that’s not as paramount to me as much as you be nice to those around you."

While a third voiced: "Shoes on, seatbelts on, bags stowed, polite."

Others said that "basic manners" were of the upmost of importance and that a simple "hi" and "thank you" goes a long way with staff.

But this flight attendant had a very long list – 14 to be exact – of things that tick the boxes of what would make a favourable passenger.

One point noted that "yoga, stretching, baby comforting and child entertainment" is frowned up in the gallery – but they will accommodate on a "case by case basis" and they don't like this to last longer than five minutes.

A crucial point was also made about the toilet situation. And, this flight attendant does not like customers getting up if the seatbelt light is on.

"Only gets up for restroom when seatbelt sign is off or a small acknowledgment they are violating the policy in an emergency", they added.

And, don't even think about listening or watching a device without headphones as the cabin crew said this was a big no-no!

Let us know in the comments what you think about this – are you going to change how you act on a flight?


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