Flight attendants slam passengers’ annoying habits including asking for water

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    Flight attendants have to deal with a lot while working at 35,000ft.

    They must be well trained in emergency procedures, keep an eye on vulnerable passengers and make sure we’re all fed and happy.

    Cabin crew also intervene in disputes between passengers – such as about reclining seats or crying children.

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    But, one of the worst parts of the role is dealing with annoying customers.

    We’ve spoken to many flight attendants here at the Daily Star and they shared their biggest bug bears when it comes to passengers.

    Check out the biggest passenger no-nos below…

    Blaming flight attendants

    Kali Harlow told the Daily Star that angry passengers can be a downside to the job. She said: “The most annoying thing that passengers do is they blame the flight attendants for things that are out of our control.

    “This happens because we are simply the face of the company and the easiest target to take their frustrations out on, us and the gate agents. They blame us because we have to go back to the gate – they blame us because their bag doesn’t fit.

    “They blame us because they spilled their coffee on them outside of the terminal even though we was on the plane not even around them (yes this has happened to me). They blame us because it’s a blizzard outside – the list goes on.”

    She added: “As much as passengers think that we do and have control over everything, we don’t.

    “We are simply there and trained to help you in a case of an emergency and out of the kindness of our hearts – to help your travel experience a little more enjoyable.

    “So, the next time you want to take your frustrations out on a flight attendant… don’t.”

    Asking for water

    Flight attendant Kristina has previously revealed her pet peeves on flights – and asking for water is one of them.

    That's not to say you can't get a drink at all, but explained that she dislikes it when she’s distracted from other tasks by people requesting drinks.

    With that in mind, her main recommendation for passengers is never to ask the crew for water.

    She explained: “Number one – don’t push the call button for asking for a cup of water because our job is hard!”

    We’d recommend heading to the galley to ask instead so long as the seatbelt sign is switched off.

    Requesting a coffee

    Madeleine Doyle, who has worked in the cabin for 20 years, thinks it's coffee not water they hate serving.

    She claimed all crew hate it when passengers ask for coffee.

    Madeline told Thrillist : "We all hate serving coffee – I'm not sure why this is such a thing for flight attendants, but it is.

    "For all the things that set flight attendants off, it's passengers changing their minds about how they take their coffee.

    "First they say they want it black, so we hand it to them black. Then they say, no, they want cream and sugar.

    "It's all bad coffee anyway, what does it matter how you take it?"

    Seeking out cabin crew on social media

    Meanwhile, many flight attendants claim they’re most “creeped out” when holidaymakers seek them out on social media after a flight.

    Kali noted : “I have had passengers look me up after a flight, it definitely happens. I’ve only had maybe one or two try to ask me out from doing so…”

    Meanwhile, on Reddit, a cabin crew member added: “Recently someone requested to follow me on Instagram and I recognised this person as a [passenger] on one of my recent flights I just worked.

    “He had been flirty with me and a little annoying about it on the plane.

    “I’m a little creeped out that this passenger found me and it makes me want to not wear a name tag.”


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