Flights: Instagram divided as this unlikely passenger arrives on plane in viral photo

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Flights provide a good opportunity for people-watching as passengers board and move around the cabin. However, it’s not always just humans who are seen on a plane. A photo has gone viral of a surprising traveller on an aircraft.

The image was shared to social media by Instagram account passengershaming.

It shows a man in shorts, a T-shirt and a face mask.

Strapped to his chest in a leopard print harness is a black French bulldog.

The animal’s four legs hang down in front of it as it hangs from the harness.

Its ears stand up as it looks off to the side.

The pooch certainly doesn’t seem to be distressed in the slightest and appears quite calm.

The aircraft cabin around them is empty, suggesting perhaps all the other passengers have already disembarked.

The dog may well be a service animal.

The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) explains the rules for such pets on its website: “Airlines must accept all assistance dogs for air travel without charge.

“Dogs will normally sit in the space on the floor in front of the seat (many airlines will seat passengers with guide dogs in the front row, if possible, where there is usually a little more space).”

However, the rules on emotional support animals are different in other countries – and it is not known on which airline this photo was taken.

Instagram users have been divided over the dog’s appearance.

Some approved of its presence. “I want him on my flight!!” one person wrote.

“My wish would be one airline for pet owners. Affordable flights overseas and I can take without any problems my dog with us,” another said.

One Instagram user related to the picture.

“I have a sling for my little dog. He’s an instant celebrity at the airport,” they wrote.

Others were outraged by the animal on the plane, however.

“That’s not cute .. leave your damn pets at home,” one penned.

“What the hell is cute about that?” another agreed.

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