Flights to nowhere: Why New Zealand isn’t ready for ‘Joy Flights’

It’s with some mirth that Kiwis observed travel-starved Aussies rushing to board “flights to nowhere”. In spite of the circular route, Qantas’ “Joy Flight” over the outback sold out in 10 minutes. A spokesperson for the airline said the 150 seats of the 787 was “probably the fastest-selling flight in Qantas history.”

Seats on the circular flight scheduled for October 10 cost upwards of $850, and were in huge demand.

The Australian carrier is not the first to float the idea of “flights to nowhere”. Airlines in Brunei, Taiwan and Japan have already been taking planeloads of physically distanced passengers for aerial sightseeing tours. Passengers seem thilled with the idea, and the airlines are delighted. While international travel is disrupted these carriers are able to find a use for the mid-range jets, which would otherwise sit unused costing money.

Though, not everyone is thrilled with the arrangement.

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