Flights: UK airport trials pre-booked security slots to reduce queues

Manchester Airport is trialling a UK-first system in a bid to reduce airport queues. The hub is undertaking pilot measures to improve travellers’ security experience. Passengers at Manchester are being asked to pre-book a free 15-minute security slot for a trial period.


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By booking ahead, passengers will be able to pass through security more quickly and safely, the airport hopes.

There are a number of benefits to the airport knowing when fliers will be passing through security.

Firstly, passengers will be given access to a dedicated lane straight to the security checkpoint.

Secondly, this can help jet-setter reach the departure lounge quickly.

Thirdly, Manchester Airport will be able to “manage our security queues more efficiently in a world living with Coronavirus.”

Travellers are encouraged to book a security slot at least two hours before their flight is scheduled to depart.

“Availability in the dedicated lane is limited,” explained the hub.

Fliers must also arrive no later than 15 minutes after their booked entry time.

“If you arrive outside of this, you will need to use our turn-up security queues,” said Manchester Airport.

The time slots can be pre-booked on the airport’s website.

The hub has a number of other coronavirus rules in place for globetrotters.

Passengers are asked to cover their faces and wear disposable gloves.


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These should be brought to the airport by the passengers themselves.

“However, in the early stages of the pilot, passengers arriving without these items will be provided with gloves and masks that can be worn throughout the passengers’ time at the airport,” explains the hub.

Testing will also be carried out.

“Some limited temperature screening trials are also being undertaken to test equipment,” stated Manchester Airport.

“The results will not be communicated to customers or used to influence whether a customer can travel.”

If the trial is successful, it will be extended to the Manchester Airports Group’s other airports, London Stansted and East Midlands.

The news comes as Emirates resumes flights for passengers from Manchester Airport.

The airline is now operating twice-weekly flights.

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