France changes vaccination rules – the latest regulations for UK tourists

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After a big rise in cases of the Delta variant in the USA, unvaccinated American travellers will now be banned from entering France. While unvaccinated British tourists are able to enter France, new health passport legislation could make it more difficult for families.

Cases of the Delta variant have risen quickly in the United States and many European countries are worried about the variant spreading from American tourists.

Earlier this summer, the EU released guidance warning of the dangers of unvaccinated American tourists.

France is the latest country to introduce restrictions on unvaccinated Americans entering and the new rules will be in place from September 12.

Only double-vaccinated Americans will be allowed to holiday in France, a change from past regulations that only required a negative test result.

Unvaccinated US tourists will only be able to enter France if they have an essential reason for travelling.

Visiting friends and relatives or taking a holiday is not counted as an essential trip and even essential trips will require unvaccinated US tourists to isolate for seven days.

Unvaccinated Brits will be able to go on a holiday to France but must present a negative Covid test from the last 72 hours.

The only other option for unvaccinated British tourists is to have proof of recovering from a recent Covid infection.

All venues in France, including restaurants, bars and tourist attractions such as Disneyland Paris or the Eiffel Tower require a health passport to enter.

Every double-vaccinated British tourist will qualify for a health passport if they had their final vaccine at least two weeks before the trip.

However new rules in place from the end of September will require every child over 12 to have a health passport.

This could present problems for British families as the UK has only vaccinated vulnerable children under the age of 16.

British families will need to purchase Covid tests and have each unvaccinated child take one every 72 hours in France.

Accommodation such as hotels and campsites will not require a health passport to enter.

However, communal facilities such as pools, restaurants and gyms at accommodation will need the legislation.

Individual accommodations may also have their own entry restrictions so tourists are advised to check before travel.

France is currently on the UK Government’s amber list which means double-vaccinated tourists do not have to isolate on arrival in the UK.

Double-jabbed tourists will have to take a pre-departure test as well as a PCR test on or before day two.

The current amber list has been heavily criticised by travel experts who argued double-vaccinated tourists should be free from Covid tests.

Updates to the travel regulations, including for travel to France from the UK, are expected on October 1.

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