Furious mum shields son’s eyes from ‘explicit’ sex scene during flight

A mother has divided opinions after her son saw a sex scene on another passengers in-flight TV.

The woman felt she had to “shield” her son’s eyes after spotting the nude scene while flying.

LaKeisha Fleming was travelling with her 15-year-old son when she claims the "explicit sex scene" appeared on the TV in the row in front of them.

She noted that straight after the plane took off she started looking for something to watch on her monitor.

But, LaKeisha then spotted the screen in front through the seats – and was gobsmacked by what she saw.

The mum explained to Insider: "I saw a nude sex scene in clear view. This scene was playing on the seat back, with the airline providing the entertainment.

"That shock turned to horror as I realised the scene was in clear view of my son sitting right next to me."

She moved to cover the opening between the seats and shield her teenager from the view.

When the sex scene ended LaKeisha went to find a flight attendant for help.

However, the crew could only offer to move the pair as the show or film was clearly pre-approved by the airline.

After the post was shared on social media, people responded to the mum’s behaviour.

Many thought she was overreacting as her teenager was not that young.

One person said: “I initially thought her kid was going to be like five but at 15, he's seen it. And there's also severe harm in overly sheltering your sons and treating sex like it's shameful or embarrassing.

"Covering his eyes and making a fuss was surely more damaging than someone in front of him watching. He's also old enough to mind his own business, something the mum should work on."

Another added: "I am sure her kid had seen plenty. Some parents live in denial."

Some thought her son would be embarrassed by his mum’s behaviour.

While another commenter wrote: "I bet that young man was so embarrassed not because the nude movie but the reaction from his parents.”

However, others thought she was completely in the right.

One noted: “Make a complaint, they should show family friendly programming, surely there is young children on the plane."

While another added: "Sounds like she should press charges against the airline. Surely there are laws that prohibit exposing minors to sexually explicit material and the airline is providing it!”

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