Glamping at home: how to have the fanciest ever camping trip

We’re almost two weeks into lockdown, and Easter weekend and school holidays are looming. With the weather still glorious for much of the North Island, now would be the perfect time to head off on a camping adventure – perhaps the last hurrah in the great outdoors before winter is on us.

This year, that’s not to be. We’re collectively faced with at least two more weeks in our own homes and neighbourhoods, staying safe in our bubbles. But that doesn’t mean camping is completely out of the question.

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Backyard camping was all the rage a few decades ago. So if the kids – or the adults – are in need of a change of scenery, why not bring the campground to you?

Pitch the tent, blow up the airbed and turn your Easter weekend into a glamping holiday with a difference.

Bring your best linen

Forget the old sheets that usually come camping with you. Now’s the time to create your dream boudoir, under canvas. Pile up those pillows and add a throw – bedrooms should look beautiful, even at worm-level.

Light it up

Bring whatever you have – fairy lights, glow sticks, solar lamps, glow in the dark dinosaur stickers and head torches (LED candles only, thank you). Lighting is the single most important way to create a mood. Have you created a goblin’s grotto? A love nest? A family movie theatre? The lights set the scene.

Bring in the comforts of home

Got a bluetooth speaker? Perfect. If not, stick your phone in a bowl. Keep the Wi-Fi on and the laptop for an instant cinema. The soft toys that are too precious to go on holiday are welcome here, as are colourful rugs, fresh flowers and the cast iron frying pan. Which leads to the next point…

Eat like royalty

There’ll be no beans on toast for this camping trip, and no sneaky trips to the microwave. Challenge yourself to cook outdoors. There are no weight limits on what you can bring this time, so set up the dream kitchen, and get cooking.

Fabian Low makes friends as easily and readily as he makes noodles. And he can make them anywhere. Backyards, no exception.

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