Go NZ: Tips and tricks for happy family holidays in the snow

Like dancing down a double black diamond, planning a big family ski trip is a daunting prospect.

Faced with kids bombing the slopes in all directions or – worse still – the reality of how out of practice you are on your own skis, there are a lot of moving parts to worry about. It’s enough to give anyone cold feet. However, with the need to look a little closer to home this year for a winter trip with the whānau, you could do a lot worse than heading for the hills.

Anyone who has spent time with the extended family will know that finding a shared activity for a group of mixed ages, interests and abilities is a rare thing. A ski holiday is ideal in this respect as it offers everyone carte blanche to follow their own direction. The activities span as far as the snow line. Even further, if you count the local hot pools.

New Zealand is blessed with the best skiing in the southern hemisphere. With snowboarding, tobogganing or even snowshoe trekking, everyone’s sure to find their thing.

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