Google Maps Street View: Half-naked couple caught in very intimate moment on beach

Google Maps Street View photos often go viral when they’re spotted by eagle-eyed viewers online. Embarrassing images are always very popular among viewers. And a couple have been caught in just one such scene.

The man and woman were snapped on a beach in Brazil.

They have been photographed in the middle of a very intimate scene indeed.

Both are wearing swimwear as they enjoy their sunny day out.

However, clearly something about the woman’s body has sparked interest.

The woman can be seen facing away from the Google camera and is wearing a bikini and hat as she stands next to a parasol and two beach chairs.

The man, who appears to be her partner, is behind her.

He is bending right over and appears to be looking directly at her exposed bottom.

His hand is outstretched as he touches the back of her upper thigh – although his face is hidden by his baseball cap.

In fact, he appears to be staring quite intensely at the intimate area of her body.

The woman seems to have permitted the familiar move.

She simply stands, hands folded, looking off to one side.

Is the Google Maps user privy to an amorous – and very public – advance here?

As with many viral Street View images, no answer is given.

The scene is simply a snapshot in time.

Viewers are left to guess what is going on.

It’s certainly possible sexual overtures are being witnessed in the image.

However, it’s more likely there’s a mundane reason behind the man’s actions given the very public setting.

He could be dusting sand off the woman’s leg or applying suncream.

The man could also be examining something on her leg such as a bite or rash.

It would appear they are unaware their deeds have been caught on camera.

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