Hemsworth Launches ‘Public Relations Stimulus Program’ to Aid Businesses

Hemsworth Communications has come up with a method by which it can apply its award-winning expertise in public relations and social media agencies to aid economically-impacted travel businesses on the road to post-pandemic recovery.

Its unique, new ‘Public Relations Stimulus Program’ is aimed at companies within the firm’s three core sectors: Travel and Tourism, Hospitality (food, wine and spirits) and Franchising.

Hemsworth hopes that its restructured approach will enable relevant businesses to take advantage of its quality agency resources in a more affordable way amid the present difficulties.

“This program was created to provide the affordability and flexibility we know is needed right now by so many,” said Samantha Jacobs, founder and president of Hemsworth Communications. “We are an independent, family-owned firm so we are nimble, with the ability to pivot our business model in thoughtful ways that benefit both our team members and our clients.”

“As the reality of the coronavirus pandemic began to set in, we knew it was time to get creative in terms of how we support our clients, many of whom were bracing for an unprecedented impact,” Jacobs explained. “We simultaneously began to develop a new structure that would innovate the way many have traditionally thought about the client-agency relationship.”

Hemsworth aims to support businesses that could really use public relations expertise as part of their marketing plan for reactivation but now find themselves limited in terms of budget or staffing post-pandemic. Plans can be tailored to address both short- and long-term needs, implementing a phased approach that accounts for sensitivities within the current consumer landscape.

Hemsworth’s Public Relations Stimulus Program is offering support on three levels:

—Upfront pro bono assistance for clients who meet certain criteria (particularly government-affiliated destination marketing organizations, tourist boards and CVBs).

—Monthly retainers reduced up to 50-percent through 2021.

—New “Flex Contract” options, providing deferred payments for eligible businesses, plus additional client-friendly terms.

For more information, visit hemsworthcommunications.com.

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