Hidden plane features that go unnoticed – including button to create extra space

How observant do you believe you’ve really been while enjoying a flight?

Below are some hidden buttons and lesser known features that may have totally whizzed you by.


Firstly, there is a concealed button under your armrest, and it could give you more room.

The button lets you move the armrest upwards and out of your way.

As well as giving you more space, it also has a more practical use.

The feature was designed to allow passengers to escape faster in an emergency and it also allows people with disabilities to get in and out of the aisle.

Overhead lockers

Have you ever watched cabin crew staff breeze up and down the aisle while appearing to brush their hands against the overhead lockers?

What they are actually doing is keeping their balance.

That’s because there is an integrated handrail there that not a lot of people know about – despite being hidden in plane flight.

And thankfully it is there, because it prevents workers grabbing your headrest as they walk by.

Plane windows

Ever wondered why plane windows are round and not square? Neither had we.

But it’s because it reduces pressure from the outside as corners on square windows don’t cope as well.

There is also a tiny hole in every plane window – again to reduce pressure, and to potentially save your life.

Wing hooks

The yellow hook on the planes’ wings are so small that you may not even know they were there.

However, they are one of the most important features – especially in an emergency.

During evacuations, passengers walk across the wings using ropes attached to the hooks via the aircraft door.

So despite being tiny and appearing to be insignificant, they could be crucial if anything ever went wrong.

Toilet ashtrays

Despite smoking being banned on planes, you may still find an ashtray in the toilet.

That’s because airlines believe it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If a cheeky passenger sneaked a cigarette in the bathroom they could start a fire if they dumped it in the waste disposal bin.

So just in case a passenger breaks the rules, ashtrays remain in place to keep everyone safe.

Secret stash

Some Delta airlines have a secret button under the mirror.

If you press it, inside you will find things like sanitary pads, tissues, paper bags and hand lotion refills.

So if you’re ever stuck for an emergency product, it will do no harm having a close inspection of the mirror.

Handle exits

There are two sets of handles on exit doors – and you may not have noticed the ones to the right.

Again, it is a feature which was designed for an emergency exit.

They help staff hold onto the plane while manning the exit as passengers evacuate.

In theory it prevents them from being pushed down the slide during a panicked escape.

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