Holiday price hike: £819 for three-night stay in the UK – ‘They’re ripping us off!’

GMB: Susanna says she was ‘told off’ for calling holiday staycation

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Britons looking to make the most of the last of summer are not impressed by UK prices. Staycations are still as popular as ever, which means their prices can be many times higher than an overseas trip.

One Briton said: “Can’t believe price of hotels. Think my staycation this year is going to be a tent!”

And they weren’t the only ones who complained about the price of a stay in the country.

Someone replied: “Not just hotels! Trains too. I wanted to do a weekend in London! And have a few meets while there! All money gone on transport and accommodation!”

Some travel companies have launched sales, such as BA September Sale and Northern Railway Flash Sale last month.

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But this is not enough for Britons.

An affordable UK holiday seems to be an unattainable dream this year.

One Twitter user said: “It’s ridiculous the prices.”

Another wrote: “They’re ripping us all off babe money.”

And a third agreed: “Extortionate prices! Shocking on a monumental level!”

Price hikes have taken over all holiday options.

While hotels and trains have been reported to be more expensive than before, camping was also seemingly pricing Britons out.

One commentator said: “It’s a bloody nightmare yeah. But now even tents are going up in price!!!”

Complaining Britons are increasingly looking towards overseas destinations to bag a bargain.

Travel restrictions, while not completely removed, have been slowly phased out.

And holidaymakers are ready to take advantage of cheaper overseas travel and increased freedom of movement.

One person said: “Wishing we’d chanced it and gone abroad!”

They continued: “Had a disappointing, damp, and expensive, week in Cornwall when friends going to overseas also shared your experience.” (sic)

The experience they referred to was less than stellar.

A mix of high prices and disappointing experiences is pushing Britons to dream of greener pastures: overseas.

For those who are determined to stay in the UK, there is one hope: package holidays.

One user said: “£819 for a three-night self-catering lodge in June 2022.”

They continued: “Well we can’t wait till package holidays are back for a more realistic price on a UK break!”


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