Holidays 2020: Major holiday hotspot Seychelles plans to reopen but Britons are not first

Many Britons this year are looking at a holiday closer to home in the UK. As travel restrictions remain in place and Foreign and Commonwealth Office guidelines state that Britons cannot travel abroad unless it is “essential”, many are opting to book staycations instead. But many countries have been left slightly aghast at the UK’s latest 14-day quarantine measures which will see anyone arriving in the UK from abroad being subject to quarantine.


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The rules are in place for anyone travelling from abroad, including Britons returning from holidays in the future.

The only exceptions are those travelling from Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, otherwise known as the Common Travel Area.

And now, other countries such as Spain and France have also put such rules in place which has, in turn, jeopardised the future of the travel and tourism industry.

With that in mind, many countries are looking to restart their tourism industries as quickly as possible.

The latest tourist hotspot to join that list is the Seychelles near East Africa.

The Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean off of East Africa that are known for their white, sandy beaches and almost transparent waters.

This week, the Seychelles said it plans to restart tourism by admitting the citizens of one country.

The islands said they may begin by admitting Israelis as part of its initial reopening of the tourism industry.

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The government closed off the Seychelles early during the global pandemic which has meant it has had a fairly low coronavirus case and death rate compared to the rest of the world.

In fact, out of the world’s 5.4 million cases, the Seychelles have had only 11 cases and no deaths.

Talks between the Seychelles and Israel are now underway on allowing Israelis to visit the stunning islands.

Seychelles tourism board chief executive Sherin Francis told Reuters that the reason for this is because Israel is one of the few countries where the number of infections has plunged.

She said: “Israel is one of the countries where the number of new infections has dramatically dropped.”

She added: “The possibility of visits is being considered as we look forward to reducing restrictions without compromising public safety.”

Israeli Ambassador to Seychelles Oded Joseph said that a deal could be in place “within a week or two” for both countries.

Israelis visiting the Seychelles would not have to be quarantined when they arrive at the islands or when they return to Israel.

Another proposal sees Israeli tourists being sent to certain results on outer islands.

This will protect locals living on the islands from catching viruses from abroad.

Israel has had over 16,600 cases and only 279 deaths.

Many countries are discussing ways to kickstart travel by allowing “travel bubbles” whereby countries work together in small groupings to restore travel amongst themselves.

Australia and New Zealand were in talks to try and kickstart this.

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