Holidays 2020: Where in the world is best to book for a holiday now? Experts share advice

Holidays have been a nightmare for many in 2020. Trips have been thrown into chaos by the coronavirus pandemic and the government’s strict travel restrictions. On a weekly basis, more and more countries are scrapped from the UK’s ‘safe’ list.

Britons keen to book a holiday in the coming months have been left scratching their heads about where to go. spoke to the experts for their travel advice.

“Anyone who has tried to book a foreign holiday in the last six months knows that it comes with a certain level of risk,” Craig Ashford, Director of Marketing and Communications at travel agent TravelUp, said.

“The Government’s propensity to add, remove and alter travel guidance is causing a real problem for trust in the travel sector.”

Fortunately, you don’t have to abandon a holiday altogether in 2020 – but forward planning and research are key.

“If you do your homework and select the right destinations, there are dream holidays to be had with the added bonus of a fraction of the number of tourists which you would normally expect,” said Ashford.

“At TravelUp we have heard anecdotal evidence of holidaymakers enjoying destinations such as Venice and Pompeii and enjoying the cities almost to themselves.”

So which countries are likely to be safe options this autumn and winter?

“Whilst we have not got a crystal ball and we cannot predict what the situation will be come Christmas, let alone next week, we have outlined some of the great deals which can be taken advantage of at the moment and places where travellers can take advantage of not having to quarantine,” the travel expert explained.

“The West Indian paradise of Antigua and Barbuda remains on the UK’s quarantine-free travel corridor and may be the perfect option for some winter sun.

“As the last vestige of British summertime escapes into the distance, Calypso music and white sand beaches may be the perfect remedy.

“A bit closer to home, the natural wonders of Iceland pose an exciting alternative to winter sun.

“Famed for red-hot geysers and spellbinding lagoons, the Nordic island could well be worth a visit this winter. Although, I would highly recommend you remember to pack your thermals.

“A theme may be emerging here, but the island of Mauritius offers unrivalled year-round beauty and is one of the few remaining destinations that offer quarantine-free travel in both directions.

“With a unique culture and cuisine taking inspiration from all over the globe, this could be a Christmas holiday spot for food lovers.

Travellers may be heartened to hear there are advantages to booking during this strange and uncertain times.

“Ticket prices are much lower than usual on many routes during the rest of 2020 and into early 2021 for both ‘quick getaway’ short-haul and ‘bucket list’ long-haul travel,” Jon Thorne, Traveller Expert at Skyscanner, told

“Taking advantage of this could reduce travel budgets significantly or leave room for upgrades.

“Look out for airlines’ updates, as they launch limited-time deals designed to encourage travellers with anything from general sales to free sports equipment carriage to encourage them to return to their favourite adventure hotspots.”

Do be careful when booking, though, and make sure you’re getting enough flexibility.

“Booking a ‘flexible’ ticket with a provider could mean that you’re entitled to a free date or destination change if you should need it,” said Thorne.

“It really is worth doing some research into airlines policies around this as you could save on your tickets and be protected should the situation in your origin or destination country change.”

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