Holidays: Travel insurance warning as 64 percent of Britons fail to buy holiday cover

Holidays are a more complicated affair amid the coronavirus pandemic so it’s key travellers are suitably protected. Travel insurance is an important way of covering yourself should anything go wrong. However, new research shows numerous Britons are still not purchasing holiday insurance before they go away.

New research from price comparison website indicates a quarter of UK adults expect their next holiday to be abroad.

However, 64 percent do not intend to take out travel insurance when they go.

Experts at have warned of the risks of not being covered.

Guidance and restrictions around travelling abroad are changing fast and there’s no guarantee whether countries will remain on the UK’s safe list or not.

Spain, Belgium and Luxembourg are just three countries which have been unexpectedly removed from the FCO’s quarantine exempt list in recent weeks.

What’s more, many airlines, hotels and tour operators have cancelled trips.

In short, losses could be significant if you aren’t adequately protected.

Research from’s has shown that the typical British holidaymaker will look to spend almost £1,600 on their trip, meaning many risk losing significant amounts of money if travel plans are disrupted.

Anna McEntee, director of insurance, at, said: “It is worrying to see that many potential holidaymakers are willing to run the risk of travelling abroad without insurance, despite many providers now offering comprehensive cover for COVID-19 related claims.

“Having appropriate insurance in place is still as important as ever and proper cover remains a much-needed safeguard against standard holiday mishaps such as lost or stolen luggage.”

Many Britons are confused about how much protection travel insurance can offer during these times of upheaval.

At the start of the pandemic, many travel insurers said they would not pay out for any claims related to the virus.

However, the industry has now adapted, and a significant number now cover emergency medical and repatriation claims related to the virus, explained

A growing proportion of providers are now offering “enhanced COVID-19 protection” policies which cover cancellations for COVID-19 related claims, such as if the customer, or one of their party, falls ill with the virus and cannot travel.

Although the research suggests people are unwilling to purchase standard travel insurance, 58 percent of people said that they would take out an enhanced policy for their next holiday even if it were more expensive.

McEntee commented: “Holidays and spending time with loved ones are important to many of us and are often one of our biggest expenses throughout the year, so it is really important to take measures to protect yourself financially – taking out comprehensive travel insurance is one of the best ways, should your plans have to change at the last minute.

“With guidance changing so fast at the moment, it is advisable to check both FCO information as well as any other restrictions that may be in place in local areas before you travel.

“It is also worth checking the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy so that you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.”

Findings from the price compassion site also suggested the threat of last-minute travel restrictions is having an impact on people’s willingness to go abroad.

More than one quarter admitted that they are avoiding international travel as they are concerned about having to quarantine upon return.

For others, the nervousness to travel is driven by financial limitations brought about by COVID-19.

Nearly a quarter of UK adults say they are unable to afford a holiday this year because their personal finances have been negatively impacted during lockdown.

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