Holidays where you get back to nature to be post-pandemic trend

Forget thrill-seeking: Holidays where you get back to nature and relax are set to be all the rage in Europe after the pandemic, according to Tripadvisor

  • Travel platform carried out a major study to analyse ‘consumer travel sentiment’
  • It found a rise in searches for accommodation offering skiing, hiking and fishing
  • Study also found 86% of travellers now consider cleanliness as very important 

Getting back to nature looks set to be the new holiday trend post-lockdown.

That’s according to a major study by Tripadvisor, which found there has been a rise in searches in Europe for cottages and castles and hotels that offer the likes of skiing, hiking and fishing.

The research also showed that travellers are 218 per cent more likely to want to take a trip where they can relax compared to before the pandemic.

Getting back to nature looks set to be the new holiday trend post-lockdown 

The study by the travel platform was carried out over several months and analysed ‘consumer travel sentiment’.

It says that cottages, castles and hotels with outdoor activities on offer are the accommodation types that are trending fastest. 

In addition, its researchers found that nearly two-thirds (59 per cent) of travellers would prefer to holiday somewhere ‘off the beaten path’.

Shorter breaks closer to home are also a recurring theme, with Tripadvisor finding that nearly half of consumers (44 per cent) are more likely to take a road trip and two-thirds say they are most comfortable taking a road trip for three to five days.

Almost nine out of 10 (86 per cent) of those quizzed said cleanliness will be very important when selecting accommodation after the pandemic, with Tripadvisor saying that there will be new expectations on health and safety.

A Tripadvisor study found that nine out of 10 (86 per cent) will regard cleanliness as very important when selecting accommodation after the pandemic

For example, its study also found that more than a third of consumers (35 per cent) say they will put an emphasis on dining at restaurants that keep customers safe.

Meanwhile, the provision of hand sanitisers and sealed amenities, the frequency with which rooms are disinfected, and the use of temperature checks for employees and guests are all now cited as top considerations.

Tripadvisor also revealed that there are ‘clear signs of pent-up consumer demand for travel’ on its website.

For example, it said that searches for domestic travel within the next 30 days grew rapidly in May in the US and other major markets, as ‘consumer confidence that local restrictions will end soon appears to grow’.

The website said that restaurant searches on Tripadvisor are resurging strongly in countries like New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland.

Restaurant searches on Tripadvisor are surging in countries such as New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland 

It said: ‘If they serve as a benchmark for what will happen in countries further behind on the Covid-19 curve, then the signs are positive for industry recovery in the UK.’

Meanwhile, the travel site believes that consumer desire to travel remains resilient with around two in five (41 per cent) travellers optimistic that they will take the same or more trips compared to last year.

The research features in a report that the travel website says ‘highlights early green shoots of recovery for travel in a number of countries around the world’.

Kanika Soni, chief commercial officer for Tripadvisor, said: ‘We’re encouraged to see positive signs of recovery and are here to help our travellers and partners understand the pathway through this pandemic with clear insights and tangible data.

‘Our path to recovery will depend on the steps the industry takes to prepare for the road ahead – not just in terms of new standards and practices but also in how we collectively educate and engage consumers in a new, more thoughtful way of travelling.’

  • To see the full Tripadvisor report, click here.  

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