Hotel guest ‘horrified’ after staying in room that looked like ‘a murder scene’

A hotel owner has hit back after a guest claimed her room resembled a "murder scene with red marks".

Vicky Ford, 36, left the scathing review of the New Oxford Hotel in Blackpool, claiming she was "horrified".

Her mum Noreen had reportedly booked four rooms for her daughter, grandchildren and two pals with their children.

The hotel owner said if she had complained then he could even put her in different accommodation, reports LancsLive.

Speaking to the publication, Vicky said: "We were all absolutely horrified at our rooms when we got to them."

New owner Paul says he just took over the hotel in the last couple of weeks and understands some work needs to be done.

But he still can't understand some parts of the negative review.

He said: "The hotel is in the process of being renovated and aspects like carpet and other things are in the process of being replaced.

"We had plenty of double, twin and single rooms available on those dates so we would have happily have moved them into those.

"We actually own another hotel on the promenade which they could have even have been moved to.

"The complaints weren't logged with us at the time so we can't do anything about it but everything goes in our maintenance book."

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Vicky added: "The window in my mum's friend's hotel room wouldn't close.

"I had my two children in with me and the plug lead for the kettle was too small to reach the socket so I had to keep the kids away.

"There was a soggy toilet roll on the window sill because it was all damp and there was no hot water coming from the sink.

"The kettle in my friend's room was on a massive tray on a small shelf so it could fall off."

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The mum also described the "red marks which looked like what can only be described as a murder scene".

She continued: "It's only that the carpet was so old I presumed nobody had been killed there.

"The PA testing was out of date on the electrics in our room and my friend took pictures of stains where there'd been a leak.

"The shower door also came off when I tried to close it."

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Vicky also claims that when they went to explore the rest of the hotel she discovered further causes for concern.

She said: "We didn't approach them about the issues as we had children with us didn't want to cause drama while we were there.

"We paid £600 for these rooms. Some people may not be able to afford that kind of money and have their holidays ruined."

The last eight TripAdvisor reviews had been rated as "terrible", however 42 excellent reviews were left in a total of 65.

Paul added: "The shower door is lift on and lift off so she must have taken that off.

"We've ordered new windows which includes the one the guest is saying about in one of the rooms.

"As far (as) marks and stains we have only taken over recently and there is still work to be done.

"If we'd have known about these complaints we would have logged it straight away in our maintenance book."

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He concluded: "It's difficult because we are in the process of renovating.

"To not tell us about the issues you had with your room and to go around and take photos of the rest of the hotel feels a bit unfair.

"I'm willing to sort this out with the guests directly if they'd be willing."

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