Hotel owner shares biggest housekeeping mistakes in £6,000 suite – ‘It really annoys me!’

Inside The Balmoral: Woman prepares £6,000 a night room

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Channel 5 series Inside the Balmoral: Scotland’s Finest Hotel showed how the glamorous hotel prepares to receive its exclusive and VIP guests.

Balmoral hotel’s owner Olga Polizzi often visits the hotel to conduct room inspections.

All the staff, including the head of housekeeping Vicky, prepare for the visit to make sure “everything is extra perfect”.

Vicky explained: “I always feel a bit nervous when she comes because her eye for detail is phenomenal.

“She can open any door so we need to make sure everything is right behind every door.”

The Glamis suite, which costs £6,000 per night, is an incredibly luxurious space which features three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It also has a living room and dining room, and includes private butler service.

As soon as Olga entered the room she said: “Everything is a little too far away from the coffee table.”

She also asked Vicky to move the sofa as it “can’t be too close to the curtains”.

The hotel owner advised the head of housekeeping to “always leave a bit of air” between the sofas and the windows behind them.

During the show, Olga shared the most common mistakes she sees in the hotel rooms that “really annoy” her.

The hotelier explained: “Sometimes you have a painting or you have a mirror and the chest of drawers is slightly off centre.

“Just really annoys me… the chairs always pushed right against the wall, always leave a bit of air around!”

She continued: “I want to be able to sit on a sofa and put a glass down.

“I don’t want to be miles sways from the table!

“If you’ve got a floor lamp, it should be near a chair so you can read in that chair. It’s all practical things.”

The Balmoral’s set breakfast costs £29 and includes caviar and chia pudding with Bailey’s.

The hotel also has a luxurious spa and is home to a Michelin star restaurant.

The exclusive hotel was planning a £10million renovation as 57 interior rooms needed refurbishing.

It also unveiled plans for a £6million spa renovation.

A classic room at the Balmoral hotel can be booked for £495 a night in August 2022.

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