Hotel secrets: Hoteliers reveal what to do to get a free hotel room upgrade

Hotel holidays are a glorious opportunity to be looked after and pampered by staff. However, they’re undeniably made much better if guests can wangle a free room upgrade. These can often seem pretty hard to come by, though.


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So how can holidaymakers boost their chances of getting upgraded? turned to the insiders themselves and quizzed hoteliers on their travel advice.

The good news is that managers are actually quite keen to upgrade customers.

Jake Andreou, General Manager at Surrey country pub Merry Harriers, told “I always try to give an upgrade when I can.

“Not only does it feel really nice to do that for someone, but it gives you a fantastic chance of getting the guest to rebook in future.”

However, there are ways to improve the odds of an upgrade without relying on the affability of staff on the day.

Ian Crighton, General Manager of Sherborne country house hotel The Eastbury in Dorset, explained a good way to get upgraded is simply by returning to a hotel.

Guest loyalty is key to many hotels.

What’s more, requesting a specific type of room might see you upgraded.

“We do upgrade guests if they are returning guests or if they require a specific type of room such as a ground floor room or a room with disabled facilities,” said Crighton.

“We will also try and upgrade guests if possible depending on current occupancy levels.”

Crighton also shared key tips for when booking a hotel.


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“Book a hotel that offers you what you are really looking for,” he said.

“The experience of staying away must be worth leaving home for.

“Look for a home from home, somewhere you can feel relaxed.

“Don’t just pick the cheapest option as this will most probably leave you disappointed and feeling you may have wasted your precious holiday time.”

He explained that it’s a mistake to think that all hotels are the same – make sure it really suits your needs.

“If you enjoy peace and quiet, don’t stay in a busy hotel,” Crighton advised.

“If you want to party all night then don’t stay somewhere quiet.

“Don’t think that all hotels are the same. Most hotels are designed to welcome a particular type of guest, therefore, make sure that you stay somewhere in tune with your requirements, somewhere that will meet or exceed your expectations.”

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