Influencer travels the world for just £35 a day – and has some great budget tips

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    A travel influencer who explores the world for as little as £35 a day has shared her top tips for travelling on a budget.

    Gemma Peters, 26, from Edinburgh, Scotland, started posting her advice on Instagram after a nine-month trip around Asia and the US in 2018.

    The NHS worker and her partner tried to stick to the lowest budget possible – including food accommodation and activities – and discovered they had a knack for keeping costs down.

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    Gemma told the Daily Star: “I started the page while on the trip as we were trying to stick to such a small budget of only £35 a day each. So £70 as a couple.

    “Because our budget was so limited I was constantly looking for free things to do, the best cheap eats, and the best neighbourhoods for budget accommodation.

    “This got me thinking that I should share all my gathered information with others on Instagram as I knew it would help other people.”

    Gemma shares all of her finds on her website, here, including maps with free activities and recommended tours.

    So far, the Instagram star, who posts @budgettravellertips, has found some cracking deals.

    She explained: “My best flight deal ever was definitely a return to Dubai for around £350. If you book to visit Dubai during the week it's usually cheaper.

    “I also once stayed in a beach bungalow in the Philippines for £16 per night.”

    Now, she travels several times a year including three weeks every summer, a winter holiday and city breaks in between.

    Gemma aims to spend a maximum of £50 per day – and her favourite destination for budget holidays is Thailand.

    She noted: “I love Thailand as just all round great budget destination. It has some of the best beaches in the world with great budget activities to explore the islands and cities. The food and accommodation can be super cheap.”

    Gemma’s five best budget travel tips

    1. Try to do as many free things as possible when on your trip. Museums, walking tours, parks, markets, beaches – these are usually all free.
    2. Book flights and accommodation separate. I know many people find booking travel overwhelming, but honestly if you are looking to budget travel, it really is the best way. Use Google Flights/Sky Scanner to find the best flight deals. Then use an accommodation site such as where you can even filter your search to the distance from the city centre.
    3. Research restaurants in advance and save them to your maps. There is nothing worse than getting hangry when you are out exploring and every menu you look at doesn't suit your budget but you end up eating there any way because you are so hungry.
    4. Try to use cashback sites or discount codes to make your trip cheaper. If you are a student then usually have a 10% off student code through UNiDAYS and other student sites. If you collect Tesco Clubcard points, you can spend them on vouchers on a variety of travel sites.
    5. Pack light. Lately baggage prices are extortionate and can sometimes end up more than the flight price. I avoided this on a recent three-night trip to Amsterdam and we saved £120 as it was £30 for one cabin bag each flight. I took a backpack and packed about four or five outfits. I only ended wearing two of those outfits as I got dressed in the morning and stayed in the same outfit all day. You really don't need to overpack!


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