Inside luxury suite on world’s largest cruise with a slide and private jacuzzi

A cruise ship offers the most luxurious family suite on board that pans across two floors with a slide and a jacuzzi on the balcony.

Symphony of the Seas, which is owned by the Royal Caribbean Group, is the largest cruise ship in the world and will now start sailing cruises to the Caribbean from Miami on August 14.

TikToker Stephen Sorace gave his viewers the first look of the "ultimate family suite" that overlooks all other suites on board of the mega ship.

Standing on the upper floor of the maisonette-style suite, he shows the impressive floor-to-ceiling windows and the ample space in the living room.

He said the lower floor also holds a gaming room which has "PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles" and the bedrooms are all upstairs.

The room is also equipped with smart devices as Stephen added: "It's insane there is literally controller for everything, even the curtains.

"Just in case you don't feel like going down there and doing it yourself."

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As for the children, their room is full of "fun elements" including a small trap door, pull-down beds and also a twisty slide that takes them straight to the living room.

The huge balcony offers an amazing panoramic view to the cruise ship, with a private jacuzzi on the side.

Stephen said the suite could cost somewhere between $44,000 (£31,861) and $80,000 (£57,930) but he didn't say how many nights it includes.

Viewers were fascinated by the package but were stunned when they found out the cost.

"That's like my student loan debt…" one said while a second joked: "Yeah but if you divide that by 200 family members that's about $400 per person. Not bad!"

The content creator admitted in his next clip that he didn't get to stay at the suite and explained that he was just invited to look round it.

The £800million vessel debuted in April 2018, and can carry 5,500 passengers in 2,774 cabins.

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