Ireland holidays: The best things to see and do in Dublin

As I approached the screening area at Dublin airport, the security officer was still smiling. She had just been chatting with another local, commenting on the grumpiness of some travellers.

“What’s the point of being miserable,” she had said. “People drain the life out of you being glum, why not be happy?”

It was 6.30 on a busy morning, but there was time for a laugh.

“Go on, grab a tray, while the good mood lasts,” she chuckled, in my direction. “Belt off, laptop out,” she instructed, before the coup de grace.

“And put your ‘Mork and Mindy’ in the tray”, pointing to my sleeveless puffer vest.

“In Ireland that’s what we call those jackets, ever since that show,” she said, referring to the Robin Williams series featuring “Mork from Ork”.

I conveyed something between surprise and amusement, before collecting my belongings, and giving a wave.

“Na-Nu, Na-Nu”, she replied, mimicking Mork’s famous greeting.

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