Italy makes insurance mandatory for a holiday – ‘won’t be permitted on the slopes’ without

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Holidays in Italy have been put at risk with the announcement holidaymakers will now need a Super Green Pass. The new pass will show proof of vaccination or recent Covid infection and is mandatory for bars, restaurants, hotels and ski lifts.

Italy is tightening its rules and coming down on the unvaccinated with the introduction of its Super Green Pass.

Everyone age 12 and over will now need to prove they have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid in the past six months.

The Super Green Pass replaces the Green Pass which allowed travellers to show proof of a negative Covid test.

This will no longer be an option in Italy and Britons 16 and over will need to use their Digital NHS Covid Pass.

For Britons between 12 and 15 years old, the paper version of the Covid Pass will need to be applied for.

Italy has also introduced mandatory insurance for anyone going to a ski resort.

The first country to do so, anyone found not to have adequate insurance will face a fine of €100-150 (£83.50-£125).

Commenting on the new requirement for winter sports, Kevin Pratt, insurance expert at Forbes Advisor said: “Make sure also that you have cover for the type of winter sport you are planning to enjoy.

“Some policies cover skiing and snowboarding as standard, but you have to pay more for things like heli-skiing and tobogganing.

“And look out for conditions which state you only have cover if you stay on piste or only go off-piste with a guide.”

He continued: “You’ll probably also find you’re not covered if you are injured, or you injure someone else.

“If you’re judged to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, either on the slopes or in the resort, so use your judgment.”

In the case of Italy, Kevin explained: “If you’re going skiing in Italy, you’ll need third-party liability insurance, or you won’t be permitted on the slopes.

“Such cover will be included in a winter sports insurance policy, and this will probably work out cheaper than buying cover on the spot when you get there.

“A couple heading to Italy for a week could expect to pay around £20 – £25 for an insurance policy including liability protection, cancellation cover, medical expenses cover and loss or theft of belongings.

“Buying liability cover on its own at the resort is likely to cost £2 per person per day – and if you go skiing without cover, you could be hit with a fine of £125.”

Kevin reminded holidaymakers of the importance of insurance when travelling.

He said: “It’s important to buy your travel insurance at the same time you book your holiday so that you have cancellation cover from the get-go in case something happens, and you can’t travel.

“That might be illness, redundancy, divorce, or bereavement – check policy wording before you buy so you get the cover you want.

“You can even insure against not being able to travel because you contract Covid.”

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