‘It’s horrible’: Disney theme park workers rage at ‘worst guests’ – ‘have some decency’

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Many tourists visit Disneyland or Walt Disney World to interact with their favourite characters. Actors dressed as famous characters from the films will often pose for photos with guests.

However, recently some visitors have been sharing their interactions with characters on TikTok and it’s annoyed some staff.

In the videos, guests will often try to get the park staff to say something unexpected or inappropriate. In one, a man flirts with an actress playing Princess Jasmine.

Other videos include guests asking actresses playing Disney princesses to marry them.

Sarah Daniels is a former Disney character actor who shares her experiences on TikTok. In a recent video, she said guests like that are the “worst kind of people”.

She said: “Those kind of people are the worst possible guests at Disney. There are many on TikTok with huge audiences.

“Guess what, every character hates you. No one likes those people. It is so horribly obnoxious.

“When I was a face character, I was making $11.75 (£8.56) an hour in 2010. I’m making $11.75 an hour trying to do my very best to make magic for people.

“Then someone has to come up and ask you something weird on camera for a huge audience.

“Thankfully back in my day that wasn’t a popular thing yet but now with TikTok and social media I feel so bad for the girls that end up in these videos.

“Guess what, everyone talks about you badly in our secret groups. Stop doing it. It’s horrible. Have some freaking decency.”

One user commented: “They don’t understand they are the equivalent of a middle aged woman yelling about an expired coupon in a grocery store.”

Another said: “The parks should honestly escort them out and ban them. Harassing employees is not ok and shouldn’t be tolerated.”

‘Shannonxmoran’ commented: “I’m a former performer and these people are just the worst.

“I recently saw a video of a guy asking the Grinch to be his baby daddy and I felt horrible.”

Another comment said: “If someone did that to me while I was working anywhere else, everyone would be upset because that’s inappropriate.”

One person said: “You’re making the people who play the characters very uncomfortable.

“Please remember, there are people behind the characters!”

However, in another video Sarah clarified that staff have no problems with guests filming characters interacting with their kids.

She said: “As long as you’re just having a good time. If you’re recording an interaction with your kids, all those things are magical.

“I’m talking about people who specifically go up to characters and try to throw them off.

“Those are the worst people alive on the planet. Characters hate those people! But if you’re just recording videos for the memories, do it!”

Another former performer, ‘tremainetok’ said: “Every single performer I know hates it.”

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