Kate Middleton: What her family get up to on holidays and what ‘always’ happens to Kate

Mustique: Incredible tour of luxury Caribbean villa

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Kate Middleton enjoyed many holidays with her own family, just like many young Britons, before she married and had three children. Many of the Middleton’s holiday hobbies likely feature on Kate’s holidays even now. So what do the Middleton family get up to when away?

Author Marcia Moody shared her insight in her 2013 book Kate: A Biography.

She explained that a family favourite destination for the Middleton clan is Mustique.

Mustique is a private island in the Caribbean archipelago nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

In fact, this penchant for the hotspot connected Kate to the Royal Family long before she married William.

The Duke of Cambridge’s great aunt, and the Queen’s late sister, Princess Margaret, loved Mustique.

Recalling the year 2008, Moody wrote: “The Caribbean island had become a favourite with the Middletons thanks to its old-fashioned charm – and the fact that it is totally private.

“While other Caribbean destinations had been modernized, Mustique was still the exclusive and luxurious destination that had been a favourite of Princess Margaret and Mick Jagger.”

The island is famous for its stunning white-sand beaches.

However, Kate’s family didn’t just stick to sunbathing.

The clan liked to have sporty holidays.

“Even when they were on holiday, the Middletons remained active and spent their time horse-riding, playing tennis and practising yoga,” wrote Moody.

That didn’t stop Kate tanning while on her holiday though.

All the alfresco activities often resulted in Kate returning home bronzed.

“Kate always returned from her holidays as brown as a berry,” said Moody.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s travels haven’t all been luxurious, though.

The now-mother-of-three took a gap year ahead of university and was forced “out of her comfort zone” when she joined Operation Raleigh and travelled to South America.

Moody’s biography said of the 2001 Patagonia trip: “[They] tackled river crossings, climbed peaks and pitched their tents at night, learning about their surroundings and survival techniques from the group leaders as they went along.”

She added: “There was a no-alcohol policy, so there were lots of early nights after an exhausting day of exploring.”

However, in many ways, Kate’s gap year experiences helped prepare her for royal life.

On the trip she proved herself to be a good team leader as was adept at interacting with the local people, all the while being “impeccably behaved.”

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