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There’s a big difference between a travel agency employee and an affiliated independent contractor (IC). Even before the pandemic, an increasing number of travel advisors were choosing to affiliate as ICs, but the pandemic has spurred even more agents to make the leap.

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In this episode:

1:13 – Meet our guest, Amanda Klimak, president and co-owner of Largay Travel in Waterbury, Conn.
2:00 – Starting with the basics, what’s the difference between a travel agency employee and an IC?
2:56 – What was it like when Largay transitioned its employees to IC status?
6:30 – Health insurance is a big factor for someone considering making the jump to IC; what are some of the options available?
7:47 – Amanda’s advice to agencies transitioning employees to ICs
12:23 – An IRS red flag to watch out for
15:22 – Some ICs use their own business name, and others use their host affiliation – many use both. Why?
17:02 – Don’t rush the leap! Do your due diligence
17:33 – Before the pandemic, agencies with employees and ICs were very common. Is the pendulum swinging more toward the pure host?
21:00 – It’s not easy to find talent today. Where are Largay’s coming from?
23:06 – Travel advisor Tara shares some of her top tips about switching to an IC
25:53 – Amanda adds her top tips
27:20 – Travel advisor Katy asks about host agency commission splits
29:31 – Amanda talks about vetting hosts and their commission splits (spoiler: don’t just look at the split!

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