Man earns fortune while travelling the world – & wants a girlfriend to join him

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A travel fan on the look out for love makes a huge salary every month while globetrotting.

The tech entrepreneur, nows as the “GIFKING” has shared how he makes so much money using his laptop.

Francesco Riviera, 25, says that despite rolling in cash his family and friends still don’t understand what he does for work.

The Italian shares his country-hopping luxury lifestyle with his 100,000 followers on Instagram, @francescoriviera_.

The young bloke, an accountancy graduate and drop shipping tycoon, revealed he uses social media as a “travel diary”.

But, it’s also his business.

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Francesco said: “In my profile in every post, I always accompany marketing tips that all my followers can follow.”

The savvy lad first made his name in the GIF industry.

GIFs are brief, animated clips – usually of TV shows or viral moments – which can be shared over message or on social media.

Francesco made GIFs about music and fashion icons.

But, Francesco wasn’t satisfied at just creating the clips so he moved into e-commerce and dropshipping.

Dropshipping is a supply chain management method.

Individuals list products from factories and creators on a platform – like Instagram or Amazon – and when a buyer purchases it they have the factory ship it to the consumer.

Francesco explained: “Dropshipping is part of the world of e-commerce, and it’s a business model for which we sell products that we do not have in stock.

“We have agreements with suppliers that send the goods to customers after they have purchased it from our e-commerce.

“This allows us to be able to sell products all over the world, to ride trends very quickly without having to make stocks of products that we risk remaining in stock.”

So, to make money, a drop shipper has to identify a demand, then find a supplier and join the dots by marketing the goods via social media.

The benefit of drop shipping is its potential for scaling up without risking stock backlog.

Francesco said: “It is serious work, there is no easy money,

“But there are periods when, with the right mentality, you can earn one year’s money in just a single month."

The handsome bloke says that not everyone earning a living from their laptop is a stereotypical geek.

Francesco said: “I have a dual personality.

“On the one hand super smart nerd in the workplace, on the other I’m the complete opposite in the life field."

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Despite his success, Francesco has struggled to find a partner.

The 25-year-old added: “Finding a woman to accompany me, when I have clear personal goals, is not easy.

“In many moments of life it is better to be alone, than badly accompanied.

“I’m still looking for my ideal girlfriend.

“I would like a nice and enterprising one.”

According to the luxury-loving lad, most of his family don’t understand his career.

He said: “It is not easy to explain – they all think I’m mad!”

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