Meghan Markle shared a favourite holiday destination with The Queen

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Meghan Markle travelled widely before joining the Royal Family. The adventurous actress shared her tips and recommendations on her lifestyle blog, The Tig.

Meghan wrote: “When asked to go to Malta to not only discover the beautiful island, but also the land from which my great grandmother hailed, I said yes without hesitation.

“It’s Malta! A beautiful jewel of an island dotted in the Mediterranean between Sicily, Tunisia and Libya.

“A dream for one who relishes culture and history set against a backdrop of the ever-so-beautiful sea.

“Beyond being rich in history, the food and wine scene of Malta is one to write home about.”

Meghan’s great great grandmother Mary was born in Malta, linking the Duchess to the stunning island.

Malta also held a special place in the heart of Queen Elizabeth II as it was where she lived as a newly-wed.

The then-Princess Elizabeth spent time living in Malta with her new husband Prince Philip soon after they were married.

The couple lived on the island for two years in a gorgeous limestone house, known as the Villa Guardamangia.

Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh visited the island again in 2007, after more than 60 years of marriage.

In 2015, the couple made their final trip to Malta and the Queen said visiting was “always very special”.

On her trip, Meghan Markle visited beautiful Gozo to see the once-famous Azure Window.

Sadly, the naturally occurring archway collapsed in 2017 but there are still many incredible sights to explore in Malta.

Meghan said: “While I wasn’t there in summer, I’m told the beaches are absolutely spectacular as well – which means I will have to go back…you know…for important research purposes.”

The Duchess was absolutely right and Malta’s beaches are some of the stunning island’s top attractions.

Visitors can also explore the capital city Valletta, wander its enchanting Old Town and enjoy a sweet treat.

The island is also home to several World Heritage sites which date back to ancient times.

While there Meghan stayed at Casa Ellul, a boutique hotel with eight rooms, which she described as “Calvin Klein meets Game of Thrones”.

The Duchess was impressed by the hotel’s “chic interiors” within a castle-like structure in keeping with the island’s surroundings.

Rooms are around £140 per night during winter which includes a buffet breakfast and a room with bathtub.

Budget flights to Malta are available from many of the UK’s major airports with Ryanair flying from Liverpool and Birmingham.

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