‘Minimum £2,500 just on tips’: Stewardess unveils secrets of living on luxury yacht

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Stewardess Maria Roig works on a luxury superyacht which is often used by Russian, American, French and Scandinavian clients.

But how much do multimillionaire yacht owners pay their crew?

Maria explained: “People are usually very interested in how much money we get.

“We get a basic salary of £2,500 to £24,000 per month.

“But we also get huge tips. They can be around 10 percent of what it costs them to rent the yacht,” she said.

Maria admitted that in a week she can get “minimum £2,500 just on tips”.

The stewardess explained that although tips tend to be good, the owner’s personality and routines can sometimes be difficult.

She said: “In terms of the clients, it depends a lot on their nationality.

“If we know we are having a Russian or American client coming to spend a few days or weeks, we know they will want to throw themed parties, for sure.

“They will want to have fun and have an amazing time.

“With the Russians, we prepare in advance because they are hard work.”

Maria explained Russians tend to be very demanding.

“Once I got asked if I could make the dolphins jump during the sunset. I said that I was sorry but they were already booked,” she joked.

“They ask for crazy stuff.

“One time they asked me if I could go to France to pick up a bottle of champagne they loved and we were in Italy!”

Maria also explained they have very strange habits: “The Russian poo in the shower, but when you’ve had them onboard once, you already know how to treat them.”

Maria revealed her favourite clients are the Scandinavian and those who “worked for their money” over the years as opposed to the “new rich”.

“I had clients from Copenhagen who were lovely. You can also tell the difference as opposed to those who have ‘new money’.

“They are much more humble.

“So basically, when we have Russians on board we have to prepare ourselves for it while if they are Americans is crazier but fun.

“Scandinavians are just lovely. Americans give you lots of tips. French don’t give you any tips. And the Russians only give the normal and acceptable amount.”

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