Money Saving Expert issues worrying warning to Britons trying to get home from France

As Britons scramble to get home from France before 4am on Sunday morning in a bid to avoid the new quarantine regulations, reports of skyrocketing prices have concerned many trying to stick to a budget. Now, a Money Saving Expert (MSE) pro has shared some concerning news which means that many travellers who do not want to self-isolate might find themselves severely out of pocket.

Speaking on Sky News Guy Anker, deputy editor of MSE, warned that “travel on a budget” is most likely not going to be achievable.

“I think a budget is going to be difficult at the moment,” he said.

Already there have been reports of one-way flight tickets hitting as much as £404 for the last British Airways flight landing ahead of the regulation change.

According to Sky News, this figure plummets to £66 once the quarantine restriction comes in.

Meanwhile, channel tunnel crossings, including the Eurotunnel and ferries, have reported rapidly filling slots and warned “there will be no extra capacity”.

However, the MSE deputy editor said there is a way to get costs down, even if they aren’t quite as budget-friendly as holidaymakers might hope.

“What you want to do is try and get the cost down as low as possible,” he advised.

“You have lots of options – plane, train, ferry. So, compare the prices depending on where you are in France between the different options.”

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He pointed out that travel comparison sites are a good way to go even in these unprecedented circumstances.

For those who booked via a travel agent, he suggested speaking directly to the agent to see if they can switch passengers to an earlier flight.

“[These are] the kind of tips you’d have just for booking a holiday anyway,” he continued.

“It’s not going to be on a budget I don’t think if I am honest, but try and get the cost down as much as you can using those techniques.”

Despite the sudden dash to get home, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is not actually telling Britons to return to the UK immediately.

It says that holidays can be finished as planned, however, those returning after the cut-off date must self-isolate.

The FCO explains: “The FCO is not advising those already travelling in France to leave at this time.

“You should follow the advice of the local authorities on how best to protect yourself and others, including any measures that they bring in to control the virus.

“Contact your travel operator if you have any questions about your return journey.

“If you are returning to the UK from France on or after August 15, you may need to self-isolate on your return.”

Passengers will be asked for their name and address of where they are isolating upon return.

Authorities have the right to check up on this at any time, and Britons found breaching the quarantine regulations may face fines of up to £1,000.

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