Mum-of-four’s summer holiday hacks to save you fortune when travelling with kids

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    Thousands of Brits are set to head off on holiday during the summer school holidays.

    July and August are always full of little ones at the airport, by the pools and in holiday apartments.

    But, it can be a stressful time for parents as the school break means prices are sky high.

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    Everything from the holiday itself to airport snacks, nappies and summer clothes seems to cost money.

    Thankfully, there are some things you can do to shave pounds off your expenses from £100 vouchers you can easily find online to re-using swim nappies.

    Mum and parenting guru Casey Major-Bunce spoke to the Daily Star about her top money-saving holiday hacks.

    Casey, who has 75,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok, @majorbuncehome, loves to travel but also appreciates a good saving and making memories with her four children – two boys aged 12 and seven and twin girls aged three.

    She told Daily Star: "I feel that when you go on holiday with your children preparation is key. When you're an adult if you forget something it's not the end of the world you can always buy it at the airport. However, if you forget your child's favourite toy or blanket the first five hours of your holiday could end up in misery.

    You also have to think of the safety aspect of travelling with children. You are always on 'mum mode', however there's nothing quite like watching your children play by the swimming pool and making memories that will last for a lifetime. Most importantly try to enjoy yourself!"

    Casey Major-Bunce's money-saving tricks:

    This is a massive one. Before you go to your holiday destination, check if you can drink the water. I see so many people walking around on holiday with gallons of shop brought water and I always think why. Places like Italy Spain France Portugal have all safe drinking water and many more.

    When we go abroad, we always take the small squeezey concentrated juice by Robinsons or Lidl have one. It saves so much money on buying the kids juice all day. If you have one child and they want four juice drinks a day then over a week you could be spending well over £50 when you can take a small squeezy bottle for around £1.50.

    If you can fit extra stuff in your luggage, then pop to places like Poundland and home bargains and grab yourself some snorkelers, inflatables, and even a bucket and spade. You can save so much doing this as the kids will want this stuff and it is so expensive when you'e abroad, almost three times the amount.

    Look up excursions before you go and book direct from local companies. You can save up to 60% by booking before you go.

    Pop to the local bakery and grab some lunch and have a picnic it's so much cheaper than dining in a restaurant and just as good.

    Don’t forget Huggies' swim nappies are also reusable as long as no one has soiled themselves. Just give them a wash out with water and some soap and let them air dry for the next day.

    If you prefer a package holiday but don't want to book it all separate then Jet2 have some amazing deals. If you pop on to Facebook they have a voucher group with over 20,000 members and they always have vouchers from £50 to £100 off your holiday. Just search Jet2 voucher codes.

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