New ‘mystery cruise’ where guests won’t know anything until first day launches

It can be hard booking for holidays when you don't know what you want…

Now it's been made slightly easier for you as you can book a mystery cruise where the decision is made for you.

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises is launching a brand-new 10-day trip around Europe – and that's all you'll know for now.

Guests who book the £4,999 holiday won't be given any details of the itinerary until they head to the airport.

This includes the type of ship, the destinations they will visit or what activities are available on the schedule.

The cruise line will only give travellers a packing list ahead of the trip and a handful of clues to try and guess.

Then further details will be shared with the passengers once they're on the way to the airport.

Uniworld is remaining firmly tight-lipped about the mysterious holiday.

The sailings will be all-inclusive and luxurious, as well as hosted by the company's President and CEO Ellen Bettridge.

Let's not forget, there are plans for "over-the-top, unique experiences both on and off the ship".

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There is some sort of information in regards to the 10-day cruise.

The company announced it will depart on June 12, 2022, on an itinerary around Europe.

Prices for the Uniworld's Mystery Cruise start at £4,999 per person, including airfare.

Ellen described it as "an incredible bucket list full of surprises for those who love the thrill of an adventure".

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The CEO said in a statement: "At Uniworld, our guests never cease to amaze us with their incredible support and loyalty.

"They put their faith in us time and time again, so we decided to have some fun creating a one-of-a-kind Mystery Cruise with all new experiences that have never been included in Uniworld journeys before.

"It's an incredible bucket list trip full of surprises for those that love the thrill of adventure; the biggest surprise being the itinerary reveal that will only happen when our guests are already on their way to the airport."

For more information, head to the official website.

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