‘Not the kind of tourism we want’ Spain’s Balearics president slams drunken Britons

Martin Lewis issues advice on travel and refunds

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The President, Francina Armengol was speaking in Ibiza. She said excess tourism was “not welcome”.

British tourists will face new rules in Ibiza and Magaluf including a ban on all-you-can-drink deals and bar crawls.

Party cruises will also be under new restrictions while Thomas Cook will limit all inclusive guests to a six drink maximum.

Armengol said that the UK Government was in support of the campaign to limit drinking tourism in the Balearics.

She said: “It is neither the kind of tourism we want nor what residents deserve.

“We have to educate tourists. We understand that the institutional campaigns that are being carried out in the United Kingdom are very positive and we also understand very well what type of tourism we want.”

Restrictions will be in place in popular resort areas such as Magluf, Playa de Palma and San Antoni.

The resorts have become notorious over the years for excessive drunken behaviour including fights and public indecency.

Local residents have often been exasperated by the actions of some British tourists in the resorts.

The UK Government issued its own warning to British travellers travelling to the Balearics this summer.

It said: “Legislation introduced by the Regional Government in the Balearic Islands, covering designated areas within the resorts of Magaluf (Calvià) and Playa de Palma on the island of Mallorca, and San Antonio (San Antoni de Portmany) on the island of Ibiza, places limits on the sale and availability of alcohol.

“In designated areas of the resorts of San Antonio, Magaluf and Playa de Palma there are prohibitions on happy hours, open bars (such as all you can drink in one-hour offers), the sale of alcohol from vending machines, self-service alcohol dispensers and the organising of pub-crawls and party boat trips.

“The law also prohibits ‘off-licence’ sales between 9:30pm and 8am.

“In addition, hotels and other establishments are obliged to evict clients found to be behaving dangerously on balconies, with fines for both the client and the establishment.”

British tourists could face heavy fines for climbing on balconies and attempting to jump from one to another.

Known as ‘balconing’ the activity is extremely dangerous and puts the person and others at risk.

Several British tourists have sadly lost their lives or been seriously injured after falling from balconies in Spain.

Magaluf and Ibiza are aiming to change their reputation as party resorts and attempt to attract a new kind of tourist.

The resorts are aiming to become more family friendly and attract tourists to activity and culinary holidays.

The Balearics are home to some of Spain’s best beaches and it’s easy to see why they’re one of the UK’s top destinations.

British tourists will need to be fully vaccinated to travel to Spain unless they have a recent recovery certificate.

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