On the road: Top tips for getting the most out of your motorhome holiday

The most important currency when you’re about to drive off towards the horizon, is information. Details on where to go and what to see are gold . . . as are these tips about how to make life on the road even better.

What to pack:
● Think minimalist and casual because space is at a premium in motorhomes and let’s face it, you don’t really need to dress up in a caravan park.
● Remember the 3:1 tops to bottoms ratio.
● Pack hot and cold weather clothes separately. They can be stored away when not needed.
● Pack in collapsible bags – there’s no room for big suitcases in motorhomes.

Parking: Parking isn’t easy in a big motorhome so be prepared to park on the edge of towns, away from overhanging verandahs and where you don’t have to reverse into cramped spots. Some of the easiest parking spots are in supermarkets (and sometimes you can stay overnight).

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Checklist: Have a checklist to remind you of the necessary tasks before you take off, like close windows and skylights, lower antennas, lock doors, drawers and the fridge, and detach from power and water — don’t laugh, I’ve seen people drive off while still hooked up.

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