Ovation Lays Groundwork for Travel's Eventual Comeback

Ovation Travel Group, one of the largest independent travel management and luxury leisure travel companies in the U.S., unveiled a new two-pronged effort on August 10 to re-engage with its clients once travel becomes the norm again.

The strategy has two parts. The first is deepening the bond of client trust with their Independent Travel Advisors, which is done through an increase in communication and information.

“Ovation teams on both sides of the Atlantic… have been examining what our advisors value, what they need and what they might like to have to strengthen their client relationships,” said Gina Gabbard, Senior Vice President of Leisure & Independent Advisors for Ovation Travel Group. “Beyond our longstanding relationship with Virtuoso, it has never been more crucial for Ovation to ensure that our advisors fully avail themselves of our suite of services and resources available to them. Our goal is to simplify their lives, add to their professionalism and instill pride for being part of the Ovation family – all while pleasing their customers.”

The second part revolves around maintaining the relationships with their suppliers. A large part of this involves giving Independent Advisors the know-how of what their suppliers are doing to prevent and combat the spread of COVID-19 by increasing their messaging about safety and hygiene practices.

“Since the biggest fear among our clients is around the unknown – not knowing or understanding the health and safety protocols instituted by travel suppliers – we recognized that we needed to arm our travel consultants and advisors who are on the frontlines with clients about what each of our supplier partners are doing,” noted Jennifer Achim, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ovation Travel Group.

“While every traveler’s comfort level is different, it is paramount that Ovation is fully prepared to turn on a dime once the world really opens up again,” noted Paul Metselaar, CEO and Chairman of Ovation Travel Group. “Ever since we first sent our employees to work from home in early March, we have been laying the groundwork for our industry’s eventual comeback. We believed then as we do now that it was vitally important for us to begin charting a new course for our ‘new normal,’ particularly as we seek to deepen the trust our clients place in us. While they may not be traveling as much now, we continue to engage them in meaningful dialog.”

Ovation Travel Group has over 35 years of travel experience. The company has travel advisors in more than 30 locations throughout the U.S. and the U.K. With over 700 employees and over 200 independent travel advisors, Ovation provides business, luxury and special events travel expertise to organizations and travelers.

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