Passenger rages over ‘outrageous’ price of ‘abysmal’ airport breakfast

Holiday breakfasts are no laughing matter, with people quick to share any hotel buffet tips or bad experiences such as people breaking unofficial breakfast etiquette.

However one passenger recently took to Reddit to fume over the 'outrageous' price he had to pay for a cooked breakfast at the airport – not to mention the contents which have been judged as 'abysmal'.

The aggrieved holidaymaker was livid after he was served the terrible breakfast that has since been compared to 'muck', reports the Mirror.

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Sharing a photo of the meal, he revealed a container that including a large slop of beans, one incredibly anaemic looking egg, and what may be black puddings.

It was theirs for the cool price of €14.20 (£12.44).

The punter said that the breakfast was "not good quality" and added: "This was the price they pulled out of nowhere. I shared because the price they came up with for it, is frankly, outrageous."

The post quickly prompted a great deal of anger from breakfast fans, who quickly took his side.

One person said: "I at least remember the breakfast being a bit of a treat even though it was way overpriced. This is muck."

Another added: "I'd send that back and ask for a refund. That's abysmal."

One person agreed that they would have complained about the cost of the meal instead of accepting it, commenting: "Yeah, I'd take one look at that and refuse to pay."

Others also mocked the price altogether, with one person joking, "Were they charging by the bean?".

The aggrieved holidaymaker who was served up the meal later expanded on why he had chosen to post about it, in reply to fellow people agreeing that the price was 'outrageous'.

He added: "Genuinely wasn’t looking for a ‘omg I went to the known expensive airport, be outraged with me’ I genuinely think this was exactly what you said, disgusting at a completely unjustifiable price point."


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