Pilots urge passengers to stop taking their shoes off during flights

There are plenty of perfectly acceptable ways to fill your time while on a flight.

You can watch the TV, listen to music, read your book or even chow down on every snack available.

However, there are also things you should never do on board a plane, according to flight attendants and pilots.

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Some say you should never wear shorts while flying, while others say they have code names for rude passengers crew want to avoid.

One act that has airline crew – and fellow flyers – disgusted though is passengers taking their shoes off during a flight and wandering around.

In fact, they're urging passengers to ditch the habit for two main reasons.

Firstly, you might find it hard to get them back on as the air pressure causes your feet to swell.

Secondly, aeroplanes are simply not very clean…

"Cabins are cleaned prior to every flight, but that will be more perfunctory on a quick turn when there are only 15 or 20 minutes to get it done," pilot Patrick Smith of Ask the Pilot told Travel + Leisure..

It’s especially important that you don’t go barefoot – or just in socks – to the lavatory.

"An important part of the airline industry is turnover," said a former cabin crew member. "This sometimes means that a full, deep clean of the aeroplane loo isn’t always possible due to lack of time and higher priorities.

"Generally, the cubicles get a quick wipe down straight before a flight.

"Then during the flight, they tend to be checked every half an hour or so but again, if there are more urgent things going on, checking on the cleanliness of the loos can fall down the priority list."

On Twitter, the Unfiltered Flight Attendant wrote: “You actually think that floor in the lavatory is clean or better yet ya think that’s water on that lavatory floor?

“Let’s just talk about the carpet for starters IT’S NOT CLEAN.”

David Krause, owner of SyQuest USA, told Travel + Leisure: "Those who decide to go barefoot might be picking up bacteria and viruses that could negatively impact their health.

“Likewise, the concern of picking up a fungal infection is always there as well.”

So make sure you at least wear sliders when you walk around the plane to avoid picking up infections.


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