Plane passenger branded a ‘disgusting pig’ for airing dirty laundry on flight

Travelling can be pretty stressful.

And when you’re stuck next to inconsiderate passengers on the plane, it certainly doesn’t help matters.

During a recent flight, holidaymakers were disgusted when a man whipped out his dirty laundry for all to see.

The barmy bloke hung his socks up by the cabin window, leaving observers baffled.

A fellow traveller was so disgusted by the man’s behaviour that they snapped a picture.

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The photo was shared on the popular Passenger Shaming Instagram account, which boasts one million followers.

It was captioned with a cry laughing emoji, along with the words: “Me doing my laundry on the way to LA this weekend! #Multitasking.”

The post has racked up 5,100 likes – and hundreds of social media users also took the time to leave a comment.

Furious travel fans branded the chap “ignorant”, “classless” and a “disgusting pig”.

One responder added: “Just never fails to amaze me… WTF are they thinking…”

The post also prompted theories as to why the passenger aired out his socks in public.

One Instagram user said: “They probably just walked into the lavatory in their socks…

“It's just a little urine.. nothing the sun can't take care of.”

Another agreed: “Drying pee?”

A third asked: “What did he do? Walk to the bathroom in socks?”

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