Rich Kids of Insta swerve coronavirus warnings and flaunt jet-setting lifestyles

The Rich Kids of Instagram are refusing to let the coronavirus pandemic get in the way of their jet-set lifestyles.

Many have been avoiding travel warnings by taking private jets and swigging Champagne on yachts.

Those living in isolation are also living lives of luxury.

This week, Veronika Orchid showed how she’s passing the time.

She posed in a Versace bathrobe, with jewellery adorning her hands, neck and ears, as she swigged on a glass of posh plonk.

The wealthy influencer captioned the enviable image: “Stay home, drink wine”.

And it was a similar case for Made in Chelsea’s Mark-Francis Vandelli.

The 32-year-old, who is the son of rich industrialist Marzio and socialite Diane, kicked back in an ornate living room.

He told his 393,000 Instagram followers: “I’m only staying in if you make it worth my while”.

Dozens of fans admitted they were jealous of his set-up, with one responder asking: “Can I have your sofa?”

Another questioned: “What does one do to maintain his globetrotter status during a world wide pandemic? Please, tell us what etiquette calls for.”

And a third added: “Tres chic”.

Alexa Dellanos has also used her platform to talk about coronavirus.

In one post, she posed in a protective mask and luxurious leather gloves.

She told her two million followers that “life goes on”, which suggests she won’t be ditching her lavish lifestyle anytime soon.

The influencer, who is in Puerto Rico, wrote: “In this crazy, uncertain time, the one thing we all can do right now is stay calm and make sure we’re sanitising regularly.

“For many of us, work is canceled – but life still goes on.”

Others appear to be swerving isolation altogether.

On the RKOI Instagram page, dozens of pampered twenty-somethings continue to jet-set and indulge themselves.

One snap shows Antoine Knstntn reclining on a yacht.

The Instagram star, who calls himself Monsieur Lifestyle, showed that he’s been bobbing around the French Riviera.

This may raise eyebrows for some – as the mayor of Nice has tested positive for coronavirus.

Following the diagnosis, the official asked for “limits on travel and contact”.

Meanwhile, Maddy Burciaga has been whizzing around Monaco this week.

The blonde bombshell posed in a Lamborghini – and has urged fans to “keep calm and positive”.

And @tvoyagreshniza is also ignoring advice on restricting travel.

The Russian said “quarantine, end soon” as she posed on a yacht off the coast of Barcelona.

Her message comes as many of the city’s residents are isolating themselves to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Live updates on COVID-19 cases near you

England: 1,543

  • London: 480
  • South East: 173
  • Midlands: 129
  • North East and Yorkshire: 86
  • North West: 83
  • East of England: 81
  • South West: 77

Scotland: 171

Wales: 124

If the enviable holiday snaps are making you want to book a holiday, hold off for now.

Previously, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis warned against planning trips for the time being.

Boris Johnson also told the British public to stay put.

In a speech this week, the Prime Minister said: “Now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact and to stop all non-essential travel”.

If you are looking to spend isolation in luxury, we’d recommend buying some bottles of champers to enjoy at home instead.

Coronavirus: What you need to know

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night told Brits to avoid pubs, clubs and theatres

  • All over-70s, pregnant women and adults who would normally ask to have a flu vaccine were told to "avoid all social contact"

  • The UK's coronavirus death toll hit 55 – with over 1,500 confirmed cases so far

  • It emerged that over 250,000 people would have died under the government's initial plan

  • Supermarkets across Britain slashed their services to stay open during the coronavirus outbreak

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