Sharks, dolphins and turtles – the best UK destinations to spot marine wildlife

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A staycation doesn’t mean the sights will be the same that at home. Britons staying in the country this summer can expect to see some exciting wildlife.

The most marine wildlife-friendly locations in the UK have been listed by

And while Wally the Walrus has left Wales and has taken up residence in Ireland for the time being, there are other fantastic wildlife encounters to be had around the UK.

Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at said: “When thinking about wildlife animals such as turtles and dolphins, it’s easy to assume that they all live somewhere tropical but it’s amazing to see that there are many places across the UK that home these beautiful creatures!

“Whilst visiting these wildlife hot spots can make a staycation extra special, it’s important to remember to keep a safe distance from the animals. There are boat trips available that will take you to see the wildlife from a secure distance.”

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For a chance to spot the UK’s thriving marine wildlife, Britons should pick one of the following spots.

The Highlands are home to three wildlife species.

Holidaymakers on a visit to Moray Firth could see dolphins, mink whales and seals.

The Farne Islands in Northumberland are also a fantastic wildlife-spotting destination.

Seals and dolphins are regular visitors to the islands.

But what makes Farne extra special are the 40,000 nesting pairs of puffins that return to the colony every summer to breed.

Keeping a distance from wildlife is always important, but it’s particularly critical during breeding season.

To make sure everyone, human and puffin, have a great time, boats take holidaymakers to the islands and keep a safe distance.

In Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly are an extremely popular holiday destination.

It is also home to seals, whales, sharks and puffins, so Britons should keep their eyes peeled.

For holidaymakers particularly keen on seeing dolphins, Porthgwarra, also in Cornwall, is the place to be.

Penzance, meanwhile, is a fantastic location for turtle-spotting.

Leatherback turtles on the Cornish peninsula are rare and an encounter elusive, but Britons in Cornwall for the holiday may still want to head to Penzance just in case.

Devon has dolphins, puffins and seals.

Labrador Bay is the best for dolphins.

Lundy, on the other hand, is fantastic for a bit of puffins and seals-watching.

Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire also has some wildlife to go and find.

Seals and puffins have been spotted around, so Britons should keep their cameras close at hand.
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