Six best places to visit in Cyprus as Brits welcome to travel there from May 10

Cyprus is opening up to Brits again from May 10 – but you'll have to wait until the government gives the all-clear on international travel.

Tourists from 65 countries worldwide will be permitted to visit the Mediterranean island from May 10 to go on holiday again.

Those who have been vaccinated won't even have to have a Covid test or quarantine.

Meanwhile, unvaccinated visitors from certain countries are expected to provide a negative PCR test 72 hours before departure, and take a second test upon arrival.

Before you get planning your trip though, you’ll still need to obtain approval on

Here you'll need to submit your personal information, flight details, and make legal declarations about not having coronavirus symptoms and consenting to random testing.

With that in mind, we've found six of the best places in Cyprus that you could be visiting this summer if travel restrictions lift in the UK.

1. Platres

The village of Platres is full of history and gorgeous natural landscapes.

It's also ideal for those who can't stand the heat too much as, being in the Troödos Mountains, it can be a little cooler than the coastal regions of Cyprus.

Here you can explore the Millomeris Waterfalls, take the Caledonia trail to Caledonia Waterfalls and finish off your trip with a visit to the Trooditissa monastery.

For those just going there for day trip, make sure to partner it with nearby Omodos, which it's relatively close to.

2. Omodos

You'll have seen that we just mention Omodos above, due to its proximity to Platres.

This is located within the Troödos Mountains, and is loved by many… if not just for it's spectacular wine!

Here you can wander around the little cobbled streets, head to some of the infamous wineries and take a look at the 500-year-old wine press, too.

If you're not a wine fan, why nt explore the Monastery of the Holy Cross.

This is one of the islands oldest and historically important religious sites and well worth visiting if you have time in your schedule.

3. Ayia Napa

We think you may have heard of this one.

If you want to part this summer, you'll definitely need to check out Ayia Napa, which has become one of the biggest party spots in Europe and easily one of the best places to go in Cyprus if you want a night out and clubs.

However, that's not all there is to Ayia Napa, especially in the quieter winter months.

Why not have a walk round the Blue Lagoon, chill out at Nissi Beach and explore the sea caves that are all across the coast.

One of the best places in Cyrpus for views is from Cape Greco National Forest Park too, so don't miss that!

4. Lefkara Village

The region of Lefkara (and the village) is one of the best places in Cyprus if you want to relax.

It is made up of quaint cobbled streets and is often described as one of the prettiest villages to see when you’re on the island.

It's also rumoured that Leonardo da Vinci actually headed to Lefkara in the 15th Century to try and find the best lace cloth for the Duomo di Milano.

You can still head into the local producers and grab some cloth as a nice little memento to take home.

5. Kakopetria

Kakopetria a great place in Cyprus to explore.

It is one of the highest villages in the Solea Valley and is truly gorgeous to visit.

Kakopetria roughly translates to 'bad rock' in English.

According to folklore, the village took its name after a newly wedded couple was crushed by a rolling rock.

Eek! Don't let that put you off though.

Here you can explore the medieval quarter and winding streets of the stone house.

In the village square, you should also try out the traditional syrup doughnuts known locally as Loukoumades.

6. Lofou

Situated in the Limassol District, Lofou is a tiny little village that’s ideal to visit if you want some chill time.

Despite it's small size, it’s still crammed full with a tons of history.

Here you can wander around the village, take in some of the walking trails or combine a stop to the village with some of the local vineyards that are infamous in the area.

If you can, visit her on the last Sunday of September when the Palouze Festival happens.

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