Spain fire: Holiday hell as hundreds of tourists forced to evacuate – ‘inexcusable’

Spain: Huge blaze tears through Cap de Creus Natural Park

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The emergency services in the region of Costa Brava, Spain, have asked holidaymakers to evacuate their houses as soon as they can, as the wildfire has already burnt 1,000 acres.

A fire in Costa Brava, on the north-east coast of Spain, started yesterday and it hasn’t yet been extinguished causing chaos in the holiday hotspot.

At the moment, firefighters are using water-carrying planes to try to control the wildfire.

More than 400 people have already been evacuated from their homes, said the fire service.

Costa Brava is a very popular holiday hotspot, with its main city Cadaques attracting thousands of Britons every year.

Currently, it is believed the fire was started by a discarded cigarette.

The fire, which tore through more than 1,000 acres, has its epicentre in the Cap de Creus Natural park, a very popular tourist location.

The regional Government said: “We’re trying to bring the fire under control at the moment using six aircraft, which are pouring water onto the flames and 90 fire crews on the ground,” said Sergi Palacios from the fire service.

Videos released earlier today showed the firefighters clambering across the rocky park during the night.

More than three residential areas have already been evacuated as the fire reached the houses this morning.

The local council has prepared hotels and temporary accommodation after hundreds of tourists had to evacuate their holiday homes.

Most roads are now closed and police are urging people to leave their houses as the situation is expected to get worse.

The police have explained anyone found responsible will face criminal charges.

“One negligent cigarette butt is 50 years of reforestation,” said Jordi Puignero.

The Costa Brava area is known for its strong winds, which will make the fire even more difficult to extinguish.

Experts warned it could burn up to 5,000 acres if the situation doesn’t improve.

A lot of tourists have been affected as since the fire started, they have been unable to get to their apartments and hotels.

The local Government has asked France for help, as the Costa Brava region is very close to the French border. France is expected to provide more water-carrying planes later today.

Many locals have taken to social media as the situation got worse.

“The Government took more than 12 hours to ask France for help. Inexcusable,” said one.

“The hypothesis that the cause is a discarded cigarette is despicable,” said another resident.

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